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11/22 Wreath pick-up and delivery.
11/24 Troop Meeting.
12/1 Troop Meeting.
12/4 North Star District Roundtable and Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting. 7pm - 8:30pm.
12/6 Troop Committee Meeting.
12/8 Troop Meeting.
12/11 North Star District Merit Badge Night.
12/15 Troop Meeting.
more upcoming events
US Capitol Christmas Tree Event, November 8, 2 - 6 PM.

This year the United State's capitol Christmas Tree comes from Minnesota's Chippewa Forest. Before it is shipped, there will be a celebration at the Northern Star Council Base Camp, Troop 17 will be there demonstrating their wreathmaking. Come and enjoy the afternoon!

Base camp website:  www.explorebasecamp.org/
Base Camp Directions: http://www.explorebasecamp.org/Portals/72/Documents/Old%203-2014

Additional Bough Cutting Trips, November 9th and 15th, Cambridge, MN.

We have two more days scheduled to go up and cut more boughs for the wreaths our troop sells every year. The first day is Sunday, November 9, from 10:30AM - 6:30PM. The second day is Saturday, November 15, from 8AM to 6PM. Directions and a map as well as instructions are on the "Documents & Forms" page under "Wreath".

Troop 17 Welcomes You!

St. Paul's Troop 17 celebrates its 98th year of scouting in 2014. Check under Troop History on the Documents & Forms page for a snapshot of the troop's history and a list of Troop 17's Scoutmasters over the years.
Troop 17 History Snapshot

How do I get on the troop's email list?
Email troop17info@gmail.com.  In the Subject header write: Add Me to Troop 17 Mailing List. It's as simple as that!

96 years of scouting for St. Paul's Troop 17 and still going strong!
Troop 17 meets at 7 PM each Monday night in the basement of the St. Anthony Park United Church of Christ, 2129 Commonwealth Avenue in Saint Paul, MN.